Exceptional Programming

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What happens to high-level language programming when computer architecture changes? Walter Banks and Kirk Zurell recount the challenges of accommodating novel interrupt architectures in C for embedded systems.

The eTPU is an event driven processor. This paper looks at the implimentation challenges implimenting execution events on the mainstream embedded systems 8 bit processor comparing HC08/HCS08 architectures and the RS08.


C6808 C Compiler for Freescale HC08/HCS08/RS08

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The C6808 Code Development System supports all Freescale HC08, HCS08, and RS08 microcontrollers.

C6808 Resources

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Byte Craft's C6808 Code Development System is designed for the Freescale M68HC08 family of microcontrollers.


C versus Assembly

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This article describes a test we perform on our Code Development System compilers to test code generation. As a side benefit, it proves that C can match assembly, and beat it, even unexpectedly...



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Each Code Development System has a C compiler targeted to a specific microcontroller family, with a built-in macro assembler, editor, development environment, and library and example program source code. Each compiler features tight, highly optimized, interrupt support, symbolic output for emulators and support for source level debugging on popular emulators.


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The pages listed are short articles about embedded programming and other topics.

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