Fixed Point Converter

Working with fixed point values? Need to translate fracts between binary and decimal quickly? We have a tool that makes this easy. This tool requires JavaScript to be enabled in your browser.

Fixed Point Support in Code Development Systems


Selected Code Development Systems support fixed point; as new versions are released, fixed point support extends across our product line. Fixed point data type support is built in to the compiler, with appropriate library routines. Full versions of our Code Development Systems include full source code for fixed point libraries.


How can I place variables in different banks?


TR 18037 standardized named address spaces, and MPC uses these to assist in placing variables in different banks.


Something SPECIAL: put variables anywhere

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Byte Craft Limited's compilers support SPECIAL memory: user-declared memory blocks accessed (read and written) by software. The compiler manages allocation for SPECIAL memory similarly to system RAM and ROM. The result is a seamless integration of off-chip or on-chip memory resources into C language programs.


Byte Craft Limited and Standards

Byte Craft Limited is involved in the ongoing specification of C, especially as relates to embedded and self-hosting environments.

Walter Banks, Byte Craft Limited.

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