C38 C6805 C6808 COP8C Cypress C eTPU_C Fuzz-C MPC SXC Z8C

I have an application developed with an old version. Will it compile properly with the latest version?

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Yes. If you have written your program according to our recommended practices in the product documentation, upgrading should be seamless. All Byte Craft Limited Code Development Systems have backward compatibility with previous language constructs.

Please note:

  • Improvements in the compiler can alter the generated code; this may impact your testing.
  • Device header files may change between versions. If you've written customized device header files, they may require some revision. Simply examine the stock headers that we ship with the product.
C38 C6805 C6808 COP8C Cypress C eTPU_C Fuzz-C MPC SXC Z8C

Who distributes your products?

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See Distributors for an updated list of distributors.


COP8C C Compiler for National COP8™


The COP8C Code Development System includes:

  • an optimizing C Cross-compiler.

  • the BCLink linker.

  • an Integrated Development Environment and editor.

  • a built-in macro cross-assembler.


COP8C - Executing Initialization Code

Byte Craft's COP8C compiler uses 5 bytes at 0x0000 for initialization. It calls the function __STARTUP() if it is defined, and then jumps to main().

If you want your own initialization code executed on reset instead, use the directive #pragma option NOINIT to turn off the default initialization, and place your own code at 0x0000.

C38 C6805 C6808 COP8C eTPU_C Fuzz-C MPC SXC Z8C


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Order directly from Byte Craft Limited by:

Our offices are open 8:30am to 5:00pm, Eastern Time.


COP8C - S Register Support

Many applications require a small amount of RAM and a much larger amount of ROM space. Harvard architecture processors achieve some of their code efficiency by reducing the amount of RAM address space in the processor. There comes a time when the amount of RAM address space in the processor is not sufficient to meet application requirements.

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