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eTPU_C version 1.0.7

We're pleased to announce the availability of eTPU_C version 1.0.7. eTPU_C is a high-performance software development tool for the Freescale eTPU Enhanced Time Processing Unit.

Our eTPU_C Code Development System is the ideal solution for creating eTPU programs. It deals with eTPU's shifting subinstruction fields, entry tables, and channel hardware in intuitive C-language programming.


eTPU_C C Compiler for Freescale eTPU - Features


The eTPU_C Code Development System supports the eTPU Enhanced Time Processing Unit. eTPU is an autonomous co-processor within different CPUs. eTPU_C works in conjunction with a host CPU compiler to create CPU/eTPU applications.

The eTPU_C Code Development System includes:

  • an optimizing C Cross-compiler.

  • the BCLink linker.

  • an Integrated Development Environment and editor.


eTPU_C Product News


eTPU_C Compiler Update V1.0.7.85

The eTPU C compiler V1.0.7.85 has been released and is available from the customer update depot on Byte Craft's website.


The Design of eTPU functions

We've posted a general overview of ETPU_functions, our implementation of eTPU_C channel functions in C. If you're considering eTPU for your design, learn how eTPU_C can make programming for eTPU intuitive. The paper discusses the specific programming style for ETPU_functions, and the facilities available for exposing eTPU channel functions to the host processor program.

Download the paper in articles.

C38 C6805 C6808 COP8C eTPU_C Fuzz-C MPC SXC Z8C


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The Design of eTPU functions

This article reveals some of our thinking behind eTPU_C.

We used C functions to implement eTPU_C channel functions. That makes it sound easy, but there is a little more to it than that.

Download the PDF: The Design of eTPU Functions.

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