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I have an application developed with an old version. Will it compile properly with the latest version?

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Yes. If you have written your program according to our recommended practices in the product documentation, upgrading should be seamless. All Byte Craft Limited Code Development Systems have backward compatibility with previous language constructs.

Please note:

  • Improvements in the compiler can alter the generated code; this may impact your testing.
  • Device header files may change between versions. If you've written customized device header files, they may require some revision. Simply examine the stock headers that we ship with the product.
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Who distributes your products?

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See Distributors for an updated list of distributors.

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Access FAE materials through Compass Extranet

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We're listed on Freescale's Compass Extranet.

For external participants, choose:


For Freescale-internal participants, our extranet project name is "Byte Craft".

We've posted some useful PowerPoint packages about our technology that you can cut and paste directly into your client presentations.

C6805 C6808

Moving from HC05 to HC08


With development support for the RS08, it makes sense to move old designs from the venerable HC05 to one of the current cores. This article gives some pointers on moving C6805 projects to C6808.

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Order directly from Byte Craft Limited by:

Our offices are open 8:30am to 5:00pm, Eastern Time.


C6805 - Filling Unused ROM

It is possible to fill an area of the 6805's ROM with a particular value and set an interrupt vector to point to the initialization at the start of the program which comes before the main() function. This method can easily be extended to use any value or series of values.


C6805 C Compiler for Freescale HC05

Byte Craft Limited

The C6805 Code Development System supports all Freescale MC68HC05 microcontrollers.

The C6805 Code Development System includes:

  • an optimizing C Cross-compiler.

  • the BCLink linker.

  • an Integrated Development Environment and editor.

  • a built-in macro cross-assembler.


C6805 - Working with MMEVS05/MMDS05

C6805 Code Development System V4.50 and subsequent support the MMEVS05 and MMDS05 directly, without additional software. For C source level debugging on the MMEVS05 and MMDS05, add the following lines to your source program:

#pragma option v; // to produce extra debugging information 
#pragma option s5; // map file to step through the C source 
#pragma option s6; // map file to step through the listing file 

Compile your program with

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