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Byte Craft Limited specializes in embedded system software development tools for single-chip microcontrollers. We provide innovative solutions for developers, consultants, and manufacturers around the world. Our main products are C cross-compilers targeted to a variety of microcontroller families.

C6808 FAE

C6808 is Flexis-able


FAEs who are planning to introduce their clients to the MC9S08QE128 Flexis part should contact for more information about our support.

Flexis' paged memory model can benefit from a compiler's calculations. Optimization during linking allows a compiler to distinguish between different types of cross-page references.

Contact us today about Flexis support.


Updated eTPU_C FAQ

We've updated our FAQ. Take a look.

Remember to check the depot to see if you're eligible for updates, or enquire about extended support if your standard 1-year support has expired.


eTPU_C version 1.0.7

We're pleased to announce the availability of eTPU_C version 1.0.7. eTPU_C is a high-performance software development tool for the Freescale eTPU Enhanced Time Processing Unit.

Our eTPU_C Code Development System is the ideal solution for creating eTPU programs. It deals with eTPU's shifting subinstruction fields, entry tables, and channel hardware in intuitive C-language programming.


Award-winning design uses SXC

Jens Altenberg's design for a fantastic autonomous airplane uses software generated by the SXC Code Development System. He has won third place in Parallax's SX Design Contest.

For more information, see Sponsorship.


MPC version 2.0

We're pleased to announce the availability of MPC version 2.0. MPC is a high-performance software development tool for the Microchip PICmicro family of microcontrollers.

The long-awaited MPC features 24- and 32-bit integer and IEEE floating point math support. Full LOCAL and SPECIAL memory support make programming very intuitive and very efficient.


The Design of eTPU functions

We've posted a general overview of ETPU_functions, our implementation of eTPU_C channel functions in C. If you're considering eTPU for your design, learn how eTPU_C can make programming for eTPU intuitive. The paper discusses the specific programming style for ETPU_functions, and the facilities available for exposing eTPU channel functions to the host processor program.

Download the paper in articles.

C6805 C6808

Moving from HC05 to HC08


With development support for the RS08, it makes sense to move old designs from the venerable HC05 to one of the current cores. This article gives some pointers on moving C6805 projects to C6808.