eTPU support for hybrid vehicle development

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Byte Craft has for the last several months been developing new eTPU
support tools. The eTPU C Code Development System will continue to be
supported for use primarily in automotive engine controllers with
continuing support for eTPU2, new releases and updates.

The last few months we have be visiting customers and outlining some
directions we are adding to our support for the eTPU. Byte Craft is in
the release process of a separate eTPU based tool set that focuses on
other eTPU based applications. Essentially we have been looking at
the development requirements for hybrid vehicles, process control and
instrumentation. The new tools focus on optimizations for code commonly
found in these types of applications. The primary gains are reduced
execution timing and code size.

This new tool will compile all of the things we currently support for
conventional automotive engine controllers but assumes a different
instruction mix for the optimizer. It has been designed to support
fixed and floating point operations and includes libraries for both