Jack Ganssle on RS08

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Jack Ganssle's latest column in embedded.com reminds us that there is still life in 8-bit architectures.

He mentions the Freescale RS08, which is supported by our C6808 Code Development System.

UPDATE: Jack cites an article on Circuit Cellar by Tom Cantrell, who also talks about RS08.

Read Jack's column here. He says "It's refreshing to see smaller parts that embrace simplicity, that are designed to fit a particular niche really well." We agree; we love the RS08's instruction set.

He's a little dismissive of RS08's lack of conventional interrupts, though. We're quite comfortable with it; we've added event-driven programming support to the compiler that takes intuitive advantage of this simple, elegant design. Learn more here.

Here's Tom Cantrell's article on Circuit Cellar (subscription or purchase article).