Using Code Development Systems on Linux

We have received a steadily-increasing number of inquiries about running our Code Development Systems under the GNU/Linux operating system. Thanks for inquiring, and for indicating your product preferences: like any ISV, we make marketing decisions by considering these requests.

Our Code Development Systems are Microsoft Windows executables, using InstallShield installers. We provide full support for CDSs running under Windows from Win98 forward. We test our products under Windows.

Running our CDSs under Linux is possible; we have done it on occasion for experimental purposes. By far the easiest way has been using Wine ( Wine, as its name explains, is not an emulator but a compatibility layer that gives Windows applications like our BCLIDE and compilers the environment they need to run on x86 processors, within Linux.

Our CDS compilers are very algorithm-heavy, but they interface to the operating system using standard file I/O, command line processing, registry checks, and so on.

Similarly, BCLIDE is tailored to our products but is a very orthodox Win32 application. It makes use of Windows common controls, and its display characteristics can be customized through the Editor tab of the Properties dialog.

  • Running our CDS under Wine should present no compatibility issues whatsoever: the same input program on either platform will generate the same executable.
  • Performance will be different than native Win32 (and was once unacceptable, but at last attempt was fine).
  • Appearance will differ slightly, due to differences in font handling.
  • Installation also offered challenges once, but at last attempt worked without a hitch.

Now that Wine has arrived at version 1.0, we encourage you to try installing it. Precompiled packages for Wine are appearing for more and more Linux distributions. Then, install our demonstration versions. We will post instructions on the Linux-specific steps to do this in future.

Native versions of our tools will be made available as the market dictates. Let us know how you would like to use our optimizing compiler technology.

Thanks again for your inquiries. Check back with us on a regular basis to see our progress in bringing superior embedded code generation to Linux-based toolchains.