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Consult these resources for more information on eTPU_C and the eTPU:

Development Toolchain

  • Lauterbach offers the eTPU Debugger, which is compatible with eTPU_C. It includes support for breakpoints, subinstruction disassembly and high-level language support, and the PRACTICE scripting language for automation.

    eTPU Debugger from Lauterbach

  • iSystem iC3000 is a complete development tool for MPC55XX parts including the MPC5554 with eTPU. iC3000 offers JTAG debug, operation at maximum hardware frequency, 4 hardware breakpoints and unlimited software breakpoints, and debug support for eTPU1 and eTPU2

    More information from iSystem AG

  • pls Development Tools offers the Universal Debug Engine. It supports development boards from a range of vendors and a wide range of target communication methods. It features CAN-specific support, realtime data monitoring and collection, and automated testing.

    pls Development Tools - Universal Debug Engine

  • Ashling offers the PathFinder debugging tools and a application note that describes how to use them.

    Ashling MPC5500 development tools support page (PathFinder).

    Application note: Debugging eTPU application code using the Ashling MPC5500 tools.

  • Creative Impulse is a software engineering business in Scotland. They have expert knowledge on the eTPU and other embedded platforms. They emphasize working within your established development processes, including ISO9000 and CMM.

    Creative Impulse

  • ASH WARE has simulators for eTPU systems: a stand-alone simulator, and one that simulates both the eTPU and host processor. You can run eTPU_C programs on these simulators and examine and analyze the running program.

    ASH WARE's web site.

eTPU Vendors and Product Lines

  • Freescale's MPC5500 family of PowerPC™ microcontrollers. The MPC5500 have a PowerPC core (built on the successful MPC500 family), Flash capabilities, and 5-volt compatibility.

    The eTPU is an autonomous coprocessor with its own programming and processor core. It is a very capable processor in its own right: though it's specialized for timing and signal processing work, it could easily be applied to almost any computing task.

    Freescale's MPC5554 web site.

  • Freescale's MCF523x family of ColdFire microcontrollers. The MCF523x devices have a ColdFire core (the successor to the venerable MC68000 series) and numerous peripherals.

    See the Freescale eTPU page for more information.