eTPU_C Code Development System for Freescale eTPU

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eTPU_C Code Development System

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eTPU_C is a high-performance Code Development System for the eTPU. You can develop eTPU programming completely in the C language. And eTPU_C can supply the information your host (PowerPC™ or ColdFire) compiler needs to initialize and control the eTPU.

eTPU_C generates code for all eTPU devices. eTPU_C generates compact machine code (as if eTPU wasn't fast enough). eTPU_C tackles the complexity of optimizing eTPU subinstructions, leaving you free to deal with the higher-level structure of your program. eTPU_C even deals with resource sharing across multiple eTPU engines.

Put twenty years of Byte Craft Limited compiler expertise in your toolchain.


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eTPU_C Executive Summary - Flash presentation

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