Freescale eTPU Standard Function Libraries and Function Sets.

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The Freescale eTPU standard library and eTPU function sets were developed using Byte Craft tools. Copies of these tools are available as part of Byte Craft eTPU support.

Freescale developed many different eTPU functions for customer use. These can be downloaded from the Freescale website either as one of four standard function sets with libraries grouped into application areas or as a custom libraries organized by application developers.

Copies of the tools used by Freescale for the development of the Freescale standard function libraries are available as part of the support Byte Craft offers for the eTPU C compiler.

Some user applications require changes to be made to the standard Freescale functions. The downloads from the Freescale website includes sources used for each of the functions and Byte Craft development tool support is available by contacting

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