Our view on RS08


I just read Jack's editorial on on the RS08 processor. This is a fun little processor.

We did some work on the instruction set design on this processor, and wrote a C compiler for the RS08. This is a remarkable little processor that, in the end, outperformed many people's expectations (including mine).


Jack Ganssle on RS08


Jack Ganssle's latest column in reminds us that there is still life in 8-bit architectures.

He mentions the Freescale RS08, which is supported by our C6808 Code Development System.

UPDATE: Jack cites an article on Circuit Cellar by Tom Cantrell, who also talks about RS08.


Header File Customizations


We've started to get some requests for header file support for ICD3, Microchip's new In-Circuit Debugger. There are some differences between ICD3 and previous generations of ICD. These differences are reflected in the device header files Byte Craft Limited issues for MPC.

If you're using MPC with MPLAB and ICD3, please contact Byte Craft Limited for more information about obtaining updated header files.


IEC 61131 and Fuzz-C

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We've just posted a new paper that compares IEC 61131 fuzzy logic constructs and Fuzz-C additions to C for embedded systems. If you're moving from programmable logic controllers to C for embedded systems, this paper shows the similarities and differences between the two.

Read the paper here.

Optimization and Debugging


There's an active discussion about optimization and debugging going on on comp.programming and comp.compilers.

C Traps

C Traps and Pitfalls by Andrew Koenig is an interesting compilation of C-isms: quirks of the C language that can impact the programs you write.

Reading C type declarations

This article gives a plain-language way to read type declarations.

Loop Unrolling

This is the start of an interesting discussion on loop unrolling as a compiler optimization. I summed up our thinking on it:

Application code usually was very clear and almost always right
in their timing choice of straight line vs loop implementation. Rolling
up straight line code and unrolling loops more often than not
interfered with a conscience choice a developer made.

A volatile topic

Here's an interesting writeup about the C keyword volatile.

CERT C Secure Coding Standard - last call for reviewers

We're reprinting a call for the C community to review the current version of the CERT C Secure Coding Standard. Secure coding is the practice of avoiding security exploits through more rigorous control of the sources, methods, and products of compilation.

CERT's wiki has a lot of well-thought-out information in it.

Subject: CERT C Secure Coding Standard - last call for reviewers
Date: Thu, 20 Mar 2008 10:02:10 -0400
From: Robert Seacord
Organization: Software Engineering Institute

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