Support Notes


These are some topics relating to support. The demonstration versions of Byte Craft Limited Code Development Systems do not offer support, but we can answer general questions: please email

Your support issue might already be answered, in this section (see the table of contents below) or in the FAQ.

Support Requirements

In order to provide the best technical support we can, we need to make the following requirements (in order of importance). When you plan to contact us for technical support, please prepare an email with the following items:

  • A description of the problem, including where the error can be seen, how it has been verified, and any solutions that you have already attempted.

  • A full listing file showing the error.

  • A simplified example showing the problem.

    This is preferable to a complete set of sources: it better isolates the problem, and it avoids disclosing your entire program.

  • If necessary, all sources necessary to build the project.

    We keep your sources in the strictest confidence. We require them to be able to rebuild your project on a known-good compiler on our systems.

  • All header files and library files that are not part of the standard release.

  • The compiler version (numbers and letters).

    You can find the version number by running the compiler without a source file.

  • The compiler serial number and registered name/company.

    The serial number can be found on the disk or CD-ROM label.

  • Some other information:

    • Do you remember when you last upgraded or downgraded the compiler? Any recent changes could be to blame.

    • Have there been any other major software changes on your system? An upgraded computer, reinstalled OS, other software installed?

Finally, send the email to Byte Craft support.