Fixed Point

ISO TR 18037 Fixed Point

One of our strengths is the broad range of data types available in our Code Development Systems.

Byte Craft Limited was instrumental in bringing efficient fixed point types to ISO/IEC TR 18037 and the C language. In response we are rolling out fixed point support in all our Code Development Systems.

Fixed Point versus Floating Point

If you're tempted to use floating point math in an embedded project, we encourage you to consider using fixed point instead. You get all the advantages of using intuitive constants and calculations, without the added complexity of considering floating point format conversions during debugging.

As well, fixed point offers greater precision, compared to floating point's greater dynamic range. We feel this alone recommends fixed point for typical embedded applications.


Selected Code Development Systems come with fixed point support out of the box; see Fixed Point Support.

We've created a little converter utility to help perform fixed point conversions for debugging purposes. It's available here.