Complex Applications

C makes complex applications (those with user interface, control, and timing challenges) much simpler to implement and understand later. This example, using the COP8FLASH evaluation board, illustrates many interesting functions wrapped up into one complex application. Most noteworthy is the playback of a .WAV file from Flash, through the PZM annunciator (or an external amp).

The application displays a menu interface, controlled by two buttons and a dial encoder. It plays back sound clips through the PWM, tests COP8™ peripherals, and communicates with the Reference\Application Design console on a PC.

The application note is a PDF document; you'll need Acrobat reader.

Application note files include:

This application was tested with the COP8FLASH Reference\Application Design console, version 1.0. Though later versions might be available, they are not guaranteed to work with this application. We cannot currently redistribute the Reference\Application Design package.