C6805 - Working with MMEVS05/MMDS05


C6805 Code Development System V4.50 and subsequent support the MMEVS05 and MMDS05 directly, without additional software. For C source level debugging on the MMEVS05 and MMDS05, add the following lines to your source program:

#pragma option v; // to produce extra debugging information 
#pragma option s5; // map file to step through the C source 
#pragma option s6; // map file to step through the listing file 

Compile your program with

c6805 yourfile.c +l +e +ds

to create these files

  • yourfile.SYM (must be renamed to yourfile.MAP)

  • yourfile.HEX (must be renamed to yourfile.S19)

  • yourfile.LST

  • yourfile.ERR

  • yourfile.COD

The E6805 Symbolic Host Support works with the older Motorola EVM/EVS evaluation modules. MMEVS05 and MMDS05 are separate products, even though the names are very similar.