Our windows products feature the BCLIDE, a custom-designed integrated development environment. Though everyone has their favourite IDE, BCLIDE has a few features that make it stand out:

  • Designed alongside Code Development Systems.

    So much of the trouble customizing the development environment comes from getting disparate tools to talk to one another. BCLIDE follows the same conventions as Byte Craft Limited's compilers and other tools because it came from the same environment.

    BCLIDE organizes a source file and listing, cross-reference, and other files together within one tabbed window. This feature reflects the compiler's organization, making navigation easier.

  • Purpose-driven

    BCLIDE also gives an interactive menu of header and library files, based on the paths listed in the project.

  • Error navigation

    BCLIDE presents the error output of the Code Development System compiler, and allows you to navigate between source files to find the source line that caused the error. Though our error files are quite standard, other IDEs might not provide this as easily.

  • Linking Management

    If you use a separate linking operation, BCLIDE creates Linker Command Files when you use BClink.

  • Programmers' Editor Features

    BCLIDE maintains bookmarks in program files, inserts customizable templates using hotkeys, and performs syntax highlighting.