About Us

Byte Craft Limited is a Canadian company founded by Walter Banks, Jay Majithia, and Surin Kalra in July 1976. Walter Banks purchased all outstanding shares of Byte Craft Limited in May 1979. Walter Banks remains Byte Craft Limited's sole shareholder.

Dial-it II Telephone Dialer: one of the first PDAs!

In the early 1980's, Byte Craft Limited provided consulting development services for embedded systems in industrial, commercial and consumer products. Some of our achievements include the first mouse for the IBM-PC personal computer, environmental data loggers, and early personal data assistants.

One of the first PC mice.

Byte Craft Limited developed software tools to support our product development. The software tools we developed grew into a more important part of our business than original product development.

Byte Craft wrote over 90 assemblers in the 1980's, and shipped our first commercial compiler in 1984. We shipped our first C compiler in 1987.

Today, Byte Craft Limited is a software company specializing in development tools for embedded systems processors with unusual architectures or limited resources. Our main products are C cross-compilers targeted to a variety of microcontroller families. We provide innovative solutions for developers, consultants and manufacturers around the world.

Byte Craft Limited leads the industry in embedded software engineering solutions; we produced the first C compilers for new platforms released by many of the leading semiconductor manufacturers worldwide. Byte Craft Limited tools are used by developers in automotive, telecommunications, consumer product, industrial and aerospace industries.

We have more than twenty-five years' experience in Embedded Systems, and significant experience in publishing and document management. We are devoting our efforts to putting excellent tools and knowledge into developers' hands.