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Byte Craft Limited specializes in embedded system software development tools for single-chip microcontrollers. We provide innovative solutions for developers, consultants, and manufacturers around the world. Our main products are C cross-compilers targeted to a variety of microcontroller families.

Fuzzy Logic Resources

Byte Craft Publications

Byte Craft's Fuzzy Logic in Embedded Microcomputers and Control Systems introduces C programmers to fuzzy logic. It's a free download from Fuzzy Logic in Embedded Microcomputers and Control Systems (PDF).

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Organizations, conferences and other useful links.

Fixed Point Converter

Working with fixed point values? Need to translate fracts between binary and decimal quickly? We have a tool that makes this easy. This tool requires JavaScript to be enabled in your browser.


eTPU support for hybrid vehicle development

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Byte Craft has for the last several months been developing new eTPU
support tools. The eTPU C Code Development System will continue to be
supported for use primarily in automotive engine controllers with
continuing support for eTPU2, new releases and updates.

The last few months we have be visiting customers and outlining some
directions we are adding to our support for the eTPU. Byte Craft is in
the release process of a separate eTPU based tool set that focuses on
other eTPU based applications. Essentially we have been looking at

Fixed point types and sine wave generation

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We've found that the variety of data types offered by the compiler is
of paramount importance to the ease and effectiveness of embedded
programming. Having lots of data types makes implementing your
programming solution easier. It also removes a big source of error:
the hand-optimization needed to encode data in assembly programs.

Starting in 2007 we're offering a large variety of fixed point data
types in new releases of our compilers. Fixed point data types handle
fractional values ("Fractional" types) and occasionally types with


Li-ion Battery Charger

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This reference design demonstrates the new thread-based programming style that we created to complement the RS08, but it's used on an HC08.


Freescale eTPU Standard Function Libraries and Function Sets.

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The Freescale eTPU standard library and eTPU function sets were developed using Byte Craft tools. Copies of these tools are available as part of Byte Craft eTPU support.

RS08 Interrupt support

Contact Byte Craft for headers for the new RS-08 part headers.

9RS08KB8.h 9RS08KB4.h 9RS08KB2.h 9RS08KB12.h 9RS08LE4.h 9RS08LA8.h

The RS-08 parts that support interrupts (9RS08KB8.h 9RS08KB4.h 9RS08KB2.h) may also be programmed as event driven processors.


Checking eTPU_C generated code

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Byte Craft's eTPU customers generally use several different tools in their eTPU toolchain. The eTPU has a microcoded instruction set that may display the disassembly of the eTPU's instruction in several ways. The following example came from a conversation with a customer about instruction display formats of various tools that support the eTPU.

Byte Craft chose to display the instructions in the listing file as a functional representation of the instructions. In the following example an add with one side of the alu complimented and incremented is displayed as a subtract in our listings which is both functionally correct and a more compact representation.



parallelismIn the comp.arch newsgroup, we've been following a heated discussion about Parallelism. It's focused on the question of designing software to run on multiple cores, either with shared memory or message passing.

We're of the opinion that the compiler can assist the developer in this task. After all, the compiler knows what is (or could be) in memory at any one moment.

Byte Craft Limited support in China

Byte Craft Limited and our chinese distributor Qast Software Group have produced an introduction to Byte Craft Limited and our products in simplified Chinese.